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Wish I was being filmed!!!

I’ve never had such an easy go of hanging pictures as I did on installation day for the Game Room. It is usually a big mess after drilling a pilot hole and discovering a stud set back into the wall.

But not this time. I had about 4 hours to put the legs on the sofa and ottoman, assemble the coffee table, hang pictures and stage the space before the day is interrupted to pick up the kids from school.

I didn’t rush through the tasks and even took 30 minutes for my lunch.

But somehow it all came together quickly.

The scrabble board had two hooks on the back that were 13 ¾ inches apart. Studs are usually 16 inches apart so likely I’m gonna hit one, but I didn’t. With the metal anchors in first try… I wished someone had film me it was that fluid.

The coffee table is marble and very heavy. I was smart and positioned the base prior to leveraging the top on.

The kids stuffies look super cute in the little bookcase. I placed one stuffy that Oonah actually calls Minty on the sofa.

I am trying not to fret about the white sofa. I’m disappointed with this Structube sofa – there is no turning the base cushions around if they are soiled as they are covered with decorative fabric on one side.

This is the biggest downside of strictly shopping online as I didn’t properly inspect before purchasing. I did shop during Covid Lockdown…so it wasn’t possible to kick the tires!

Furthermore, I don’t understand why the back cushions are fully wrapped but the bottom aren’t!! Surely the bottom cushions are more likely to be soiled!!!

Pray these kids don’t spill anything in the first year.

I can go on about the credenza from Wayfair. It is also not perfect. The top board was warped and the drawers would not sit flush no matter how many times I took them apart and refit them. (Each drawer six or more times!!!). I checked reviews and inspected pictures and sure enough their assembled credenzas look like mine… slightly off kilter.

It is mostly done. I am missing the frames for some art I wanted the kids to do. I can’t find them anywhere! I need bulbs for the lamps. I have to install the bar fridge. Stock the space with non staining foods…

I let the kids in before taking pictures.

They whooped and took it all in.

Oonah loves her cubby area and Wyatt claimed his gamer chair. They sat looking so content, that I knew I did more than just update the space.

I gave them a shared space and yet it felt unique to each person. They will grow up in that room.

Let me find the bulbs and actually turn them on and do those final things and then pictures! Hoping I will find those picture frames, too!

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