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Updated but now all the character is gone!

Updated: May 18, 2023

That’s what happened to one of my clients. She had a major renovation forced upon her by a leak that needed to be fixed urgently. The contractor had an idea of current products and style that would update her home and fix the leak.

Again, this was a rush project and the contractor stepped up to fix everything.

I would love to work more with Contractors because I think my skills would wonderfully benefit every project. I am highly organized, visually competant at mapping out concepts and adhering to that vision over months.

But now that the renovation is complete, she’s moved back in with a few new furniture pieces and it looks cold and sterile.

What’s to be done? All that money invested on the renovation (and it was a lot of money) but its not cozy or perfect! After all that money!!!

Well, a consultation or a two-hour meeting for $395 with a designer won’t resolve the issue.

Sorry but it’s best I let you in on that now!

Design fees for a living room / dining area start at $ 1500.

In this case, it requires assessing the current space and understanding where it was only a few months before the renovation.

The new flooring is fixed but we can influence that with area rugs.
The “cold white everywhere walls” can be painted.
The new recessed lighting is fixed but we can add lamps with the right kelvins to help with the ambiance.

Pulling it all together with a new colour scheme will set the tone for other design choices.

And so the process of creating a new space begins with sourcing and specifying.

But specifying items is only part of the design. Carrying out the procurement, receiving shipments and collecting parts, supervising trades and installation, following up on the details and hand placing décor completes the vision.

A retainer for project management fees for this project begins at $2800.

If you are considering updating your living room / dining area my total fees come in around $4300.

I know my client truly wished she had me on her project working alongside her contractor.

Having a Design Partner that illustrated a final design plan, selected a cohesive fixture package, being onsite for decisions, addressing deficiencies, tracked expenses and staged the space would have meant the world to her.

I am a boutique interior designer located on Burke Mountain in Coquitlam and provide services to all Metro Vancouver.

If you are starting work with a contractor please reach out to me and let's make sure its cozy when its complete.

I would love to help transform your space and make it lovely


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