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Let's discuss your lighting!

One of my recent consultations was to just select paint colours. Updating the interior of a house with a fresh coat of paint is such a great transformation.

It absolutely freshens up a space. Because you literally clean up in preparation and again after the work is complete.

Taking down artwork, moving furniture and décor reveals where dust and dirt has been hiding.
The painting is complete and then there is the decision to rehang old art work or keep the same furniture and décor.
Maybe placing the item in a different location will honour it in a new way. Maybe not and it is time to let it go.

I find that light fixtures become an eyesore before the new paint has even dried. Light fixtures that are on the ceiling casting the wrong temperature and not illuminating a space effectively can hinder the effects of new paint.

I can identify your lighting needs, create a cohesive lighting plan and project manage the installation.

I offer project management for my clients because there are so many decisions even after the design stage. Issues come up no matter how much investigative work is done beforehand or specifications are included.

Being onsite during installation allows me to ensure the vision is cohesive and deliver to expectations.

For example, many led fixtures with the lamp incorporated come with a switch to change the temperature or colour of the light. From 2000 to 5000 Kelvin.

Sometimes the electrician selects a temperature without consulting the client/designer before installing or doesn’t even notice the feature. This can significantly affect the desired ambiance or effectiveness of the light.

In this case it is not as simple as changing out a bulb - the electrician has make an additional trip to the site, remove the fixture and re-install. Maybe a couple hundred bucks to pay the electrician not including the time and inconvenience of the client.

Other issues, such as how many rods to install or the length of the chain on a ceiling fixture, repositioning the cone of light upwards or downwards sometimes has to be decided at the time of installation.

Sometimes the client will know the height they want the fixture to be situated however most rely on the Designers to know the building code, to consider sight lines and other influencing factors.

Selecting fixtures is only part of the design. Implementing the vision and completing the transformation is my specialty.

Pricing for peace of mind lighting starts at $1500 per room. Let’s discuss your lighting!


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