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Contractor & a Designer?

I think so. In fact, I would like to partner more often with Contractors on projects. Design is conceptual and can be communicated with illustrations, mood boards and specifications but where my talents really shine is with my organization and implementation skills.

Here's how:

  • Planning furniture layouts - considering the clients needs and ensuring adequate space

  • Designing effective lighting - general and task

  • Creating ambient environments - colour schemes, fixtures and adding character

  • Assisting with procurement and making decisions

  • Overseeing installation and issues that come up

  • Reconciling deficiencies

  • Tracking expenses, schedules and deliveries

  • Styling - making the space lovely. It is truly the most important final step. Hanging art, placing the decor and draping the faux fur throw completes the project.

Of course there is way more to this list and every project is different. If you have a new construction project or a renovation project lined up along with a Contractor, please connect with me and set up a consultation.


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