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Win - Win situation

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

I updated my office. The inspiration for this space was the painting. I love the colour palette. It is feminine and the style I wanted ten years ago for the office.

Unfortunately, I will have to wait a little longer as the painting won’t arrive for a few months.

I am waiting on a few other pieces too: the electrician and the painter.

I do have the table though. That is from Article. They are great with their customer service.

The lighting has come in. The new chandelier and two wall sconces are from Maple Ridge Lighting. My previous ceiling fixture was also a five-lamp chandelier but I needed to increase the lumens to over 5000 so that it was bright to review material lists and accurately see colour swatches.

It is going to be a beacon when switched on! You might see it from wherever you are – it will be my Interior Design Signal.

Here’s a couple images of my design. First is a very rough digital image exterior of my house. It is not accurate but provides some recognizable details.

Second is a digital view of my office. The desk isn’t accurately depicted. Please forgive me. I use 3D Warehouse for objects and I couldn’t find a desk like mine so I used an object that looked great with the other pieces.

Third image is the floor plan.

If you would like me to update your office or a room here’s what to expect:

2-hour Consultation at the job site $395

Design Starting at $750

Procurement / Shopping with a Designer Hourly $395

Project Management / Installation Hourly $200 or 8-Hour Packages

My value to the client provides direction, a cohesive style, organization, process, sources and trade referrals. This cost is usually returned once we shop for products with my trade discount. Its a win-win situation.

I want to make your space lovely too. Reach out to me today!


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