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I wanted to showcase my digital drawings for this latest project. I am able to source, select and configure items into a layout well before the digital drawing stage. All projects require a Materials List of all the parts that will fill the space. Going through the process of building out the space in CadSoft, importing graphics that similarly look like my products allow the client to visualize what I have designed in my head.

Creating a digital drawing is an opportunity to confirm details, play with flow and angles.

Sometimes the view in a digital drawing isn’t great. If the space is narrow, pulling back the camera just doesn’t capture the space. For this project I have omitted the Foyer drawings, even though it is a major aspect of the project. I can’t pull the wall out of the way to take adequate screen shots without compromising a significant body of work. Presenting it here wouldn’t do it justice.

Without further ado, here’s the digital drawings:

This first pic is the living area.

A second view of the living area

The dining area

The sliding door reveals a stacking laundry set.

Moving up to the Loft

And down to the basement level, the Rec Room.

Remember, furniture is to represent placement. I import graphics that closely speak to the style and sometimes alter them to be in the colour. I am able to add my wallpaper into the walls. Sometimes the selected carpet in the materials list just wont "map" nicely and I dont use it. This is the case here.

My next post will present the bedrooms and bathrooms.


PLB Interiors Digital Drawings

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Apr 01, 2022

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