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When I am designing a space there are foundation pieces that every space requires.

In a condo update, there is roughly sixteen items that are foundation pieces:

1 Sofa

2 Accent chairs

3 Coffee table

4 Storage

5 Accent table

6 Floor Lamp

7 Dining table

8 Dining chairs

9 Dining light fixtures

10 Wall Art

11 Decorative bowls / Sculpture

12 Decorative plates / Objects

13 Rug / Blanket / Pillows

14 Table Lamp

15 Blanket Rack / Drapes

16 Ottoman

Condo updates are ideal for recreation properties or downsizing into retirement living. Lighting is usually my first item on the task list and it sets the tone for everything. I can quickly narrow down a light fixture based on how much light it will emit, style and function for my purposes.

There are trends that are worth incorporating with lighting and as long as the price point and style isn’t too far reaching, splashing out on one or two fixtures can be a great delight.

Here’s an example of a "very out there" light fixture in price and style -

Its bold! Aptly named Copernico and its priced at $4000 at Robinson Lighting. This light may be a trend that is too far reaching for a homeowner. It does come in black which opens up options on where it could go!

I would love to place it in video game developers conference room or reception area. I think it’s a conversation piece. And I think the RED in that kind of space would be very playful!

But back to the essential items list for an update. Pulling it all together requires skill. Having a sharp eye toward form lines, maintaining a style and watching the colour balance.

Here is a recent project -

It turned out gorgeous and here's why it works:

There is a harmony of colours and they are all represented in the painting. Did I select the painting first or did I find it after choosing my colour scheme?

In this case I found the painting after I had determined my colour scheme. Selecting art work is not easy. I studied art in college, I worked for Sotheby’s in London England and was exposed to an extensive collection of art and then I owned an art gallery.

I know what I am looking for when it comes to interior design and placing art on the walls. I can find works of art that are beautiful, appropriately sized and understand when it is wise to spend money.

This painting is a beautiful balance of the heavy colours in the back and softened with the white focal point. But it goes further, the shapes of the yellow in the painting have the same organic feel in the floor lamp and the gold lace bowls.

The blue chair with the cut out back visually reads like the patches of blue in the painting.

The legs on the chair, sofa and coffee table all share similar weight.

There is poetry to making a space feel harmonious. Contact me to set up a CONSULTATION and I can create an authentic colour palette just for you and make your space fabulous.

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