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Variance on the colour scheme

Aside from the other main areas of the house, this project had three bedrooms that needed updating too. I wanted to keep to the colour scheme but it can get boring if there isn’t some variance.

The client was drawn to a smoky pink during the consultation and wanted to add a touch of that to her personal space.

This Principal Bedroom is full of texture and the perfect balance of the smoke pink and black. This is a sample of the wall mural and the window covering.

The sconces are delightful and modern. A little more interest with the black curved form. And texture again with the rattan wall décor and abstract flooring.

I designed this space to be rich with colour depth. The headboard can be raised for extra comfort while sitting up in bed.

On the main floor was another bedroom that clearly connects with the colour scheme but takes a soft approach…

Not shown here is the soft blue carpet or the white wardrobe and dresser. These are design briefs! The expansive Material List for this project is 200 + items. It is overwhelming and difficult to imagine the concept, so I have abbreviated the content.

The third bedroom features a magnolia wallpaper, more grey tones with a pop of yellow. Where did the yellow come from, you ask…? Well remember that intro piece about wood floors and ceilings in the first blog… well I see that as yellow! So, boom, here it is splashed into the basement and brightens up this space! The yellow throw on the queen bed and yellow duvet covers on the bunk beds (also not shown).

Part III - Rec Rooms and Bathrooms is up next.


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