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Turn up the heat!

The process for this major home project has begun. I have been researching sauna designs, evaluating the gym layout and brainstorming solutions.

I recently went through the space and created a Consultation Worksheet. Here’s what was covered:

Focus for the space


Sketching the layout

Detailing gym equipment

Detailing all electrical outlets, fixtures, switches and ceiling speakers

Measuring: the square footage, windows; their install height, size & potential window coverings, doors and noting any other details

Here’s the paperwork:

I wanted to present a hint of the style direction this project will go, so here's some pictures. This first one is spot on my goal. It features the all glass front and has trees much like my space. The clean tile floor suits the aesthetic of my style.

This next image also features the all glass front but in a different colour scheme. The dark floor really resonates with me. I love the movable bench inside the sauna. How novel! Although I dont trust that bench supported by that single metal post!

And finally, this third image showcases the heater that I am leaning towards. What a dream! I think this layout was based on hiding other unsightly heaters. My design will focus on easy cleaning, so this type of cladding that hides bench supports looks troublesome to me.

Next step is to start designing! Researching suppliers and materials for this unique project.

Stay tuned.


PLB Interiors

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