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Trending in the Kitchen!

The mid century trend has extended to the kitchen and Banquettes are back in style!

I am working with a client and a banquette is on the list. I have proposed this option from West Elm because not all banquettes must be built in or custom made.

The advantage of a built in is that you can incorporate storage and build to the inch of available space.
The disadvantage of a built with a base is that it can look heavy.

This one by Jamie Banfield looks clean and modern. Great job!

My client also needs to update several light fixtures. I love to venture out and see what is available. Patti at Maple Ridge Lighting informed me that clear glass is on pointe and black and gold finishes continue to be strong.

By the way... If you are looking for a great lighting store nestled in the tri city area, Maple Ridge Lighting is it! They have great service and a fantastic selection installed.

I like clear glass but the lamp (bulb) has to be gorgeous and hopefully not give off too much glare.

The client had a drum fixture in place and I took that as a shape that she may still be attracted to. I want to present new lines that she may appreciate and so here are two other options.

Here are some suggestions to start the dialogue.

Let's see where the client wants to go! Updates as they happen folks!!


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