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Transformation Reveal

I am delighted to reveal the transformation. The new cabinet colour absolutely transforms the space. The colour feels luxurious. The gold hardware adds sparkle and drama.

I love my white sink. There were issues with the first white sink – silgranite… Unfortunately it was cracked inside the box. So were a few others. With no time to spare,

I solved the issue by throwing cash at the problem and upgraded to a Kohler white enamel sink.

Bit of back and forth with husband, Glenn about the delicate nature of this new sink. I dislike that there are only stainless steel sink grates and I wont purchase one. I paid extra $$ for two gold drains, I am not going to put stainless grates on top of a gold drain.

I am suffering with a silicone white mesh mat to protect the bridge and surface while everyone gets used to being careful with the sink. It looks cheap and is already dingy with stains!

The counters are delicate too. Cant use bleach on the counters. Cant put anything hot directly on the counters. The counters will stain if spills are left sitting too long. Everything must be wiped up immediately. I am not bothered by this. I knew our old granite counters were disguising a gravel pit of crumbs. This way it is clear the last person who prepared food didn’t wipe up afterwards.

I did have my ceilings and great room walls repainted.

Wouldn’t you know that not even a week after having my ceiling painted the primary bathroom sink leaked and made a mess in the ceiling that was otherwise fine for eleven years. 11 years. I haven’t even done any renovations near that space. I expect troubles to come up near a space when renovating but the floor above. Sheesh!

I also painted the backsplash grout. Don’t know if you caught that? It was yellow and is now a soft white. Everything has been updated (except the floor)

I love it!


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