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Time and place

When thinking of colours do you remember a time? Do you remember a feeling?

Wondering about Blue...Which blue should I choose? There are so many.

What about a grey? Cool with blue undertones. Maybe something that works green or pink?

Such a difference with undertones, right? And this is where selecting a colour becomes overwelming.

If you have a paint project, bring me in for a CONSULTATION and I can guide you through the process. Painting your space with a new colour makes a big impact and doesn’t require a line of credit! Here’s where I can help:

You have an idea of a colour that you want but you’re not sure if it will work. Maybe a black wall?

You want to paint the walls with your favourite colour! Purple?

It’s a blank state and you don’t know where to start. Too much white maybe?

I am trained to understand colour in design. In fact I recently participated in a colour forecasting workshop in June with the Colour Marketing Group. It was a fascinating experience. Meeting people that were employed to select colours for plastics or vehicles. Some were interior designers like me. But it was a well rounded group of individuals from North America.

In fact that idea, that there were jobs to just select colours blew my mind. Why should it?! I select colours for interiors. I thought back to when I liked the colours in my crayola crayons box and wish I knew or was exposed to all the ways I could use colour to earn a living.

I told my kids and it went over their heads. So maybe it went over my head when I was young. My husband absolutely appreciated the expansive effect colour has in the world. Of course, he is an artist making video games. Doesnt get better than that!

After the first session I was beyond energetic after discussing colours, what colours spoke to the future, where the future was headed. One participant really made an impact with me. I loved where she was searching in life and making observations that were future driven.

Colours impact the way we feel, relax and live. Some colours can make you feel energized and others down right in the dumps. I love to think of certain colours in terms of a time in history. Neon Pink and Fluorescent Yellow is associated with the 80’s. Or the 50’s with the Candy Red.

Patterns speak to time periods too. Geometric patterns are present in design today and are aligned with mid century furniture. Although I think we are moving away from that style. Slower than normal because of Covid.

I see an there is an introduction of Rattan into decor which has swooping lines and an airy lightness to the framework.

Works for the summer, outdoor furniture and café seating. We’ll see what happens in the drudgery of January in your great room. Not something I want to cozy up into but it has its time and place.


All images and paint samples from Benjamin Moore

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