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This Post is all Pictures!

Designing requires sourcing product but the real delay is obtaining quotes on the materials and the labour to execute the project. We are waiting and waiting and in some cases the calls for quote requests go unanswered. I may write a post about the real work that goes into securing trades & materials is a task that is undervalued.

This project is unlike any project I have done - there are few trades executing this niche project.

Here is the Media side that will have a facelift but wasnt the main project. But you can't do a major installation and ignore the space immediately beside it!!

This is the Sauna. There is a haze over the wood area - that is to effect glass. Digital drawings!

Moving along to the right we see the gym area!

This pic is fully in the gym and the long shot of the space!

I may be able to still execute this project according to my timeline. If you would like me to assist you with your renovation or new build reach out, today!


PLB Interiors - Digital Drawings

Furniture - Article and Inspiration

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