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The window pane trend is strong!

Here’s where playing with a colour scheme is a must. The core colours of this project are black, grey, blue and yellow. If you look at the design brief below for the basement recreation area, I have kept black, grey and now the yellow has gone to beige. This colour scheme is a subtle transition and is low key. Ideal for movie watching!

This game table is versatile – pool, ping pong and a regular table top. It is a smaller table which works in this space.

I love those ottoman/tables! I think they are incredibly functional – extra seating that can be stored away.

Snuck in a basic fridge for refreshments. I opted for a small but real “fridge” rather than the expensive glass front “bar fridge”. I don’t think those beer or wine fridges are cold enough, are overpriced and don’t fit any more beverages, so, save your money!

What’s not shown is a fantastic carpet by Shaw this time and features a herringbone pattern.

This is a good choice for the space! Any spills from partying will be easy to clean up with this durable material. This room is a passage way to the hot tub so a quick drying rug that hides wear is a must.

This next brief does not show all the décor that has been selected but it presents the colours and main pieces. The loft has a bold yellow/orange punch. I liked the idea that going up to the loft added saturation and going down to the basement toned it down.

Not shown is a blanket ladder that will hold the yellow duvet and continue with the colour scheme. A bench will add more seating but double as storage for the sheets and pillow. Clever design with clever décor.

The window pane trend is strong. I have added this large mirror with panes to bounce light and add visual interest.

The Principal Ensuite will see a transformation. Removing the existing tub and replacing it with this walk-in shower. This is a second property and maintenance won’t be on the owners’ mind when they are on holiday. I have sourced wall boards rather than tiles. They clean up with vinegar and water, require vastly less labour to install and less maintenance over time. Perfect solution.

The new addition bathroom, space was taken from a bedroom closet and a hallway closet. It’s a tight bathroom that required a 3 ft shower pan and enclosure.

The benefit of adding a third bathroom to a house that sleeps up to 10 people is obvious.

The flooring is another new product from Mohawk Karastan line. The shower kits in both bathrooms are luxurious. They have a waterfall spout that criss crosses to create a massaging effect on the shoulders. An extra wand is helpful not only for bathing but for cleaning the shower!

What you cant tell from the shower doors is that they aren’t on a hinge and don’t swing out. There are two panes of glass per side and they slide back to create a wider opening.

Love that hanging vanity.

This was a fantastic project to design. Vacation properties in Sun Peaks BC are a specialty for me. I have a great network of trades and suppliers that I can rely on to perform excellent work.

I design the interiors of new construction and renovations. From fixtures to décor, I can source, select and stage your project.

Reach out and let’s get started!



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