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The Sauna is complete!

This renovation has three components to it: The sauna, media space and gym area. Still to go is the media space and gym. Waiting for products to come in... COVID!

The three walls that make the sauna were installed by late October, but the glass took some time. We could turn on the heater and sit in the space but we lacked a fourth wall to contain the heat!

The tiles are from Julian Tile and installed my Da Vinci Tile Inc. I appreciated how prompt the installation was and loved their work. The layout is my design and I love the charcoal grout.

About that grout - I selected sparkly, it cost extra $$$ and was only available in a massive box. (Read, lots of left over product...) Cant see the sparkles. Sigh!! Opt for regular charcoal grout next time!!!

Finn-Can Sauna installed the sauna and they are artisans for their attention to laying the boards in such a beautiful presentation. The valance is truly a spectacle. Wonderful craftmanship. The view from the upper bench is ideal. We have the windows on the right to enjoy nature and the tv visible through the glass wall, on a swing mount bracket.

Bright West Electric prepared the electrical for the sauna and installed the LED lighting (Maple Ridge Lighting) under the bench. Again, working with great tradesman made this project fun.

The glass installation…

The glass wall was completed by Astro Glass. This part of the project required diligence at the concept phase. I had to ensure the bench was set back enough so the glass had room to be installed yet still be on the tile and within the boundaries of the space.

We discussed the size of the three glass panes, how to bring them into the space and the weight of the glass door. The ceilings are over 8 feet high, and the sauna door is ceiling to floor unlike a standard shower door which is at least two feet shorter. The hinges would feel the stress. Adding a third hinge to take the stress sometimes causes the glass to shatter for some unknown reason.

Finally installation day…

Wowza! the nerves to sit through a 5 foot x 8 foot glass panel installation! A heavy pane of glass that is incredibly fragile and incredibly large while having to slide it into two, 5 foot metal channels (ceiling and flooring) that could chip and shatter the panel was a breath holding 30 minutes.

Samuel and his assistant executed the work flawlessly. And I truly mean that. The glass sits perfectly and is tightly supported.

We did have to remove the valance and go into the ceiling and reinforce the support system for the door. Took a day to slowly undo the wood without causing damage, secure the ceiling bracing and replace the valance but we can now swing the door with confidence.

The sauna is complete with many fine trades extending their talents and it truly looks spectacular.

Another project with a fantastic outcome!!!

PLB Interiors Design & Project Management

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