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Style or Brand Name

As a designer I am familiar with styles and pricing. Some clients want the expensive brands while others want the style.

Here is a case of two similar designs for a Dining Room with very different price points. I could have done comparables down to the colour but that would be easy, so I created two colour schemes as well. Each one has a different feel.

The Brown is warm and traditional in art.

While the black is the opportunity to go bold and modern with the art.

These are Material Lists that I supply to my clients. I provide the supplier and product details. This allows the client to shop directly, control the timeline and take care of project management.

So the Brown Traditional Material List starts at about $45,000

And the Black Modern Material List starts at about $23,000

My fees would run the same unless I started doing custom built-ins or the was more involved with project management.

Consultation $ 395

Design Fees $ 2200

Project Management $ 7000 (Procurement, Scheduling, Deliveries, Installation, Reconciliation)

Final Design Fees $ 9595.

My goal is to help my clients decorate their spaces according to their colour choice, preferences and budget. Book a consultation today.



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