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Step 3 - Hoop Complete!

Where were we...? That's it, I needed shorter bolts to attach the rim to the backboard. Got them! Put the net on and here it is with a bow for Oonah's birthday!

Glenn and I peacefully discussed mounting the backboard to the exterior of our house. Truthfully, we really did. There was another trek to the hardware store as we needed additional supplies.

The weather surrounding Oonahs birthday was as I predicted. Miserable wet snow but not sticking. Even if we went to the trouble of installing for her birthday weekend, she wouldn’t be inclined to play.

Finally a nice weekend came along. Here’s Glenn attaching the mounting boards:

And attaching the backboard to the exterior wall:

Here’s a reminder of my design… and the reveal:

I believe I completely delivered the project as promised. I am super pleased with this work.

Of course, anyone can go out an buy a commercially made backboard and basketball hoop. The fact was, it was very hard not to just purchase the complete package when I was at the shop buying the rim. The rim and complete backboard assembly were side by side on the shelf.

But I didn’t want to do that.

In my opinion the white backboard is nicer to play off, hides the mounting brackets, and the design works well with the house.

I don’t think its an eyesore in the neighbourhood. Moreover, if we decide to move, taking the hoop down wont leave massive scars.

Even though this was a small project it was like any project and ran through the same process that a large project requires: design, project management and staging.

If you have a renovation that requires a project manager to apply diligence and determination, reach out to me, I would love to tackle it!

Let's get started.

Next up on my Project List is Kitchen Lighting. Keep watching!



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