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Repair vs. Replace in 2023

I made some gorgeous muffins a few weeks back – yummy banana, chocolate chip and chia seed muffins. But some of the muffins fell after sitting on the counter after coming out of the oven Huh?

Then I made this amazing Gingerbread Cake in two pans for the Holidays that also fell.

Okay, my oven is broken!

Both times they rose and fell which indicates my chemicals were working and I put them together fine but the cooking part was wrong.

I have already replaced the igniter on my Viking Stove – I use my oven a lot! Sometimes daily, sometimes twice a day. For 12 years.

I did some research and large appliances last 10-15 years. What?! I was on the tail end of that span and it disturbed me. My range cost about $6000. It is a professional oven and should last longer than 15 years!! Shouldn’t it?

Gone are the days when appliances last 20 years.

I asked around. Obviously not content with the internet advising me to purchase another range.

It is a struggle for me at this point. Am I closer to selling my home or have enough years to upgrade everything and enjoy it?

I called in the repair people and fortunately it was a reasonably priced fix - $1000 for the computer that takes the signal from the thermostat and sends a signal to the igniter. It may not be a complete fix – the thermostat has been recalled so I will have to keep an eye on my baking over the next few days.

I am definitely going to remake the Gingerbread cakes. Even though the middle was a little mushy, the outsides were devoured by the family.

I did some research into new ranges and liked one until I checked the reviews that 13,000 of that particular model in Canada are recalled. That may have influenced my grief about replacing my range. I can’t even trust the new products to last half as long.

And one other bone of contention I have is the price on new ranges today… starting at $9000.

I have met a lovely woman Catherine working at the new Midland Appliance location in Langley.

Oh wow if you have a chance to visit that location when shopping for a new appliance, please do!

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