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Preventing Regret

The problem with digital drawings is that it makes some objects look like a bad cartoon and others awesome.

Take for example, the window coverings in the nook on the left. That’s the the actual fabric I will use by Robert Allen. I can manipulate the mapping and showcase it as it should be.

But when it comes to that credenza under the tv on the right, well poop!

The actual piece I selected for my space hasn’t been conjured up by a whiz in 3D warehouse. So I have to find something similar in shape and try to manipulate the colours. A lot gets lost in the download.

There are however fantastic advantages of this software. It allows me to move and scale furniture quickly.

Let’s try the sofa against this wall.
Let’s make the area rug larger.
Do we need two coffee tables?

I can manipulate the camera height and angles which allows me to have perspective. A real time saver and regret preventer.

I really wanted a pendant light for that nook but there were a few design issues that had to be assessed. The three windows had a bunch of lines and then add in the fabric with its patterns… well I was concerned the light would poke into the view and look busy.

It did! No matter which height I hung the light, changed shape, it bothered me. I had to go with a flush mount light.

Furthermore, I can really examine all my design choices. Particularly colours and shapes.

I chose to go cone shaped for the lamps. I wanted to be careful and make sure my ceiling fixtures resonated nicely. So difficult right now because the trending fixture lighting is round. I mean globe round. Sticking out, globes. I love this new style but it looks disjointed with my cone shapes!

I had to find a main ceiling fixture that has a very subtle cone shape.

I wanted to go with Robinson’s Lighting, I had a version from Robinsons in my spec sheet and tried several times to place the order but there was a glitch. I tried calling. I left a message. I emailed. They didn’t get back to me so I ultimately purchased from Home Depot.

It is such a smart light, don’t you think? I love it.

I have started painting today and will post about my awesome colour selection next.


PLB Interiors Digital Drawing

Dainolite from Home Depot

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