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New Paint Vendor

I am working with Sherwin Williams now for all paint products. It’s where my Painter goes. I think all Painters go there. They take my colour specification and match it to a Sherwin Williams Paint.

A quality can of paint from Sherwin Williams is about $100. Of course, allowing me to collaborate on your project will bring your price down considerably.

I will mostly use the Coquitlam location on Barnet - Sherwin Williams

I designed these Mood Boards to share a great colour with key foundation pieces I would up

date with:

These mood boards feature the most current key pieces I would specify. If you want to update your bathroom, kitchen or living room, I can help you with that.

Let's discuss your project - reach out to me today.



Julian Tile

Genesis Kitchens- Kitchen Craft Cabinet

Maple Ridge Lighting

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