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New Elements in the Kitchen

Okay, I know I have redesigned my kitchen several times in a two-year-span. I think that is reasonable for a designer!

I think it takes great imagination and discipline to develop three different design concepts for one space. Full concepts, not mood boards.

This iteration works with old and introduces new elements. And this design will go ahead. The thing is...I can’t justify tearing out the whole kitchen. The bones are in too good of condition.

I am keeping the cabinetry.
I have already updated the lighting.
I already updated my Island.

The flooring is an issue but Glenn won’t let me cover it with another product and I don’t have the patience to refinish the floor this year. I just can’t. I refinished the floor in my first house and it is basically moving out for a couple weeks!

The engineered hard wood floor is starting to show wear and I really want a lighter colour floor. In fact, I never liked the colour of this floor but my husband wanted Jatoba. But when it was installed – red was the only colourway. Over the last decade there has been great innovation and new colours can be achieved even with this red wood.

So next year…

Here is a real time picture of my working kitchen.

Here’s the design. It is not a totally clean digital image. I spared myself from all the little touch ups. I just needed to see a difference in the colours with the base and upper cabinets. I wanted to see the countertops. I wanted to see the concept into context.

The base cabinets will be the new colour – HC 101 Hampshire Gray

New vicostone countertops in Vivaliore. This is an upgrade from the common grade granite in place. Not top of the line - Cosentino. Maybe when I properly tear out this kitchen in 2032.

Gold hardware for pulls, faucet and drains. Please. I am paying extra for a gold flange for my garburator and sink, allow me the indulgence of mentioning the drains…

White sink. This will be a first for me. I did a Blanco gray silgranite sink at my last project and really like it. Big leap of faith with a “white kitchen sink”.

Let me tell you! It is on its way.

Will keep you posted as the project happens.


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