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New colour, new energy

My front door is looking scuffed and beaten up.

I don’t understand this when we mostly (five out of seven days) use the garage door to access the house. Only on the weekends do the kids slam (I mean use…) the front door.

Glenn and I customized our front door when we built our home. I wanted the windows lowered so I could look out and see who was at the door. Yes, I know there are peep holes for this purpose.

But I wasn’t finished… I wanted to look out and carry out a conversation through the glass so I didn’t have to open the door.

I also had a mail slot put in one of the side lights. This was so clever. Even though the neighbourhood went with grouped mailboxes I still wanted a mail slot.

My kids like to peep through the slot and the neighbourhood kids slide notes to my kids through the slot. Its fun and completely functional.

We selected a very nice dark brown stain for the door and braces under the soffits. It is a nice colour against the red exterior colour of the house.

However, because our door was custom cut it wasn’t allowed to dry/air out long enough before they had to stain it and install it in the house. Almost immediately sap started oozing from the door. And a crack formed in one of the panels not shortly after too.

I oil and clean the door several times a year which helps, I am sure. But it is time to fill that gap and sand down the sap and put a splash of colour on it.

I went to the Benjamin Moore store with a clear idea of my new colour preference. But like anyone, I was wowed with the pamphlets featuring brilliantly coloured exterior doors.

I am so glad I was swayed. My new colour choice is fun and a better choice having considered all the influences.

For example, I remembered the shingles on the upper part of my exterior are this lovely putty grey and wouldn’t a grey door allow my Christmas Decorations to shine more?!!

I have charcoal bricks around the pillar footings so my grey had to be lighter than the pillars. Other wise there isn’t an hierarchy of colours or put another way… attention to the entrance!

There are a lot of gorgeous grays out there and one has to be careful to look for the undertones in selecting a complimentary colour. Because my exterior is red, my gray had to have brown or a warm tone to it.

Blue or cool tones wouldn’t do. Nor would green. And I love gray greens!

Anyway, here is my colour choice – Rockport Gray

Here’s the front door as it stands now.

There is a lot of work to be done to make this new paint colour look smashing. Just like my kitchen cabinets, preparation and patience rewards.

We also have purchased a fingerprint lock to install. Our kids are getting older and giving them freedom to come and go without the hassle of keys or remembering a code will be a big treat.

There are lots of videos and full instructions on painting an exterior door on the internet so I won’t add to the mix. I will do the work and show you the completed project, soon.

If you would like my design expertise in selecting your next front door colour, reach out to me!


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