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More than a little blue

Have you found a grammatical error in my Blog? Right on! My husband and I made a deal - he wouldn’t read my blog, ever.

I can wait around for him to proof & edit and if he reads my posts after I have published he’s not going to enjoy it. His feedback won’t be timely so what’s the point?!

But who posts without someone proofing?

I’m doing that! I started this blog during the Covid Summer and I am going to use this medium to keep my business live, have fun and stay true to decorating.

So back to the decorating (and not edited) portion of my blog…

I mentioned in the Rocky Road post that I wanted to paint my whole Great Room Vandeusen Blue but decided on my kitchen Island. Well here it is!

This blue is absolutely perfect. Just the right saturation with the other strong colours like the floor and the dark backsplash. It sure pops out against the other cream cabinetry. Which of course it did also when it was Canuck Red.

The new dishwasher (not shown) is in place but not functioning as I write this but should be by publish date. (See, my husband is too busy!)

I see that pesky, not even a decade old microwave in the corner that needs replacing. Did you know microwaves need replacing about every seven years?! Brian Gluckstein informed me. Not personally. On a decorating show.

Painting the kitchen island took some time and wasn’t without half joking / half serious poke comments from my husband and my good friend/neighbour.

You know you’ve only painted half the island, right?
You missed a spot!

Doesn’t look half done or a speck unpainted to me! It did take over nine days to do it. But when my friend/neighbour’s husband came by for porch drinks he closely inspected my work and actually verbally praised my work. He’s an otherwise quiet man.

In the preparation for this task, I thoroughly cleaned all cabinetry with TSP just so everything was fresh. In fact I cleaned all the walls in the great room, ceiling, light fixtures, and vacuumed the top of the hanging cupboards, wall trim, backsplash, inside the hood fan, windows and inside all cabinetry. This was my prep work! It has been 9 years of living here. I clean a lot of those areas at least once a year but the ceiling hasnt been touched!

The kitchen island cabinets were beaten up far more than the wall cabinetry. Even the garbage cupboard is in decent shape. Painting the island with a different colour was justified after realizing how poor condition they were in.

If you are considering a great summer project where a new splash of colour would cheer up your home, CONTACT me to complete a colour consultation.

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