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Mom Jeans and baking cookies!

If you are expecting a safe or completely neutral design from me then I am not doing my job. I want to guide you towards the space that speaks to your wants but are afraid to do it.

I was called Pam Landers by my peers in high school. Who is Pam Landers? Actually, there is no Pam but rather, Ann Landers and she was an Agony Aunt in the newspaper. A very prominent and nationally syndicated columnist waaaay back in the early 90’s.

I don’t much care for the name Pam. I don’t see myself as a Pam. She’s short, a little over weight, wears baggy sweat shirts & ‘mom’ jeans. Bakes cookies and laughs out loud often. Is super friendly and easy going. And maybe has an old hair style.

I am Pamela! And pray tell, fall no where near the above description. I don’t bake cookies and I am not easy going. I am particular, formal and work darn hard at keeping my hair style current.

Anyway, the reason I bring up Pam Landers is because even back then, I told it like it was. I gave the hard truth. The stuff you needed to hear. To effect change. It was the only time I allowed “Pam”. My girlfriends and one mom in particular meant it as a compliment and wanted authenticity.

So, I do that with Design. I see very clearly what a client wants for themselves but is afraid to own it and set boundaries around.

I am not afraid of colour in my home but I am not decorating my home when you pay me. I am going to deliver to your expectations.

And here’s where I add a punch of colour or use a pattern, feature an object that speaks astoundingly to a client and only that client.

Hire me if you want to make your space just yours.

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