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Modern Kitchen Intoduction

When I decided to update my kitchen lighting, redesigning my kitchen came to mind. I have already posted about my desire to update my counter tops.

I decided it would be a fun exercise to go ahead and design myself a new kitchen. I had lots of inspiration.

This one above it soooo gorgeous. It absolutely showcases beautifully.

I must break it to you though this is layout is just for product display.

There is simply not enough counter space for it to be a functioning workspace and it doesn’t even show a fridge. Look at the short distance between the faucet and the cooktop - 1 foot? The cabinetry in this pic is expensive but the layout is applicable to a condo.

This is incongruent to me. I understand there are people who want to live downtown with the rush and bustle and have luxurious amenities. But average size of a 2 bedroom Vancouver condo is:

1000 square feet. YIKES!

Eating out becomes necessary and therefore a kitchen like the one above could work.

But for me. I equate luxury with space. I love the rush and bustle of downtown too but I want space. Storage. Counter space. Long lines of space.

I like to bake and cook. The desire to refer to this image and streamline my kitchen would result in a loss of so much counter space and storage.

As a Designer, I have to look beyond this sleek kitchen and extract what is desirable and incorporate it into a functional kitchen.

My eye is drawn to the hanging cabinetry. I like the absence of a tiled backsplash but rather the cabinetry as wall cladding. The face of Island appears decorative but likely has hidden function. I like the idea of storage being hidden away and a uniform façade.

There is a trend to clad wall work spaces with countertop material. I like it. The smooth wipeable surface is better for hygiene.

Granite slabs as a backsplash - gorgeous but expensive. Which I don’t shy away from but its such a pain to get rid of in a decade when you want to redo your kitchen. I am really mindful of getting rid of stuff now.

Not for environmental reasons because in this case its rock! It doesn’t have plastic. It was just buffed up to shine. But the de-construction, lugging it away and dumping fees add up!

I am inclined towards the new thin countertop material that has been on the market for a couple years.

It is sort of a Designers wish come true. Still good quality, not as expensive and easier to get rid of when updating.

Please note: these thin new countertops do not carry their “finish” over to the edges. What do you mean?!!

Granite is solid and no matter where you slice it, the pattern shows.

This new thin counter top material has the pattern only on the top surface. Not a problem if it’s a solid grey. Problem if it’s a composite/marble copy cat. The edge just looks white. It contrasts quite a bit when the cabinetry is next to it.

I am working away on the new design while trying to incorporate what I love about the inspiration pic.

It is challenging me to evaluate what should be concealed but made available to use in a safe manner.

  • Hiding away the toaster, electric kettle and toaster oven. It would be nice to have a clean wall aesthetic. The new cabinetry design isn’t appliance garages but rather pantry sized cabinets with pull out shelves.

  • Cabinetry doors must open to access, what about the doors while you’re using the toaster?

  • What is a sleek way to open and slide away a door while the appliance is being used?

  • Is a drawer better than a door?

  • Is hanging cabinetry better?

  • Has my style of entertaining tableware changed? Could what I have be more functional and therefor display less?

I am diving into this Kitchen design way beyond just changing out the cabinetry and countertops. I am attracted to the pared down, simple clean lines of these modern kitchens then the work flow must be examined. Because I still want counter space!!

Just for fun, here’s another picture of a sleek kitchen featuring an island completely clad in marble. The effect is stunning.

Again, no fridge and very little counter space.

Amazing looking Island all flush edges… unfortunately, there isn’t countertop extension for bar top seating.

I will also suggest the Island may be clad in that new thin material I referenced above. Although nicely lined up, the marbling isn’t perfect from one side to the other. It would also weigh an absolute ton!

Stay tuned, as I complete the design in CadSoft.


Inspiration kitchens - dont know... sorry!

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