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Modern Kitchen Furniture

Going through the whole process of designing a new kitchen digitally would not be complete if I didn’t also allow myself to have fun selecting new dining furniture. Here is my Modern Dining Room mood board.

Let me take you through my selection...

What a desirable table. Its metal construction has a slight industrial vibe but the round form shows refinement. Notice the thin table top. Wood tables have aprons to hide hardware making the table seem heavier. This table looks sleek.

The chair has a low back that meets the height of the table. This is an important distinction that makes it a modern chair. The legs on this chair are unique and flat black. A uniform colour that doesn’t interfere with different flooring choices.

Placing sculpture on a dining table is an excellent way to elevate the space. Clearing away the clutter of tableware and linens. It is minimal but still decorated.

I love the play of the round shapes these pieces feature – the scoop of the chair, the round table and infinity sculpture all work harmoniously together.

All the curving lines lifting up like a roller coaster, spinning around and up the Ferris Wheel. Do you see it?

Onto the artwork. How wonderfully does this piece work with the furniture? Although it is a reproduction piece, I know of a few artists that produce similar content. Obtaining a commissioned piece is an option should a client want an investment piece.

The price point for these items is higher and some items are only available to Designers. Schedule a consultation with me to elevate your Dining Room.


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