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Modern Kitchen Concept

Redesigning a kitchen usually happens under two conditions:

  1. Kitchen Update - changing the cabinetry, counters, lighting and maybe flooring.

  2. Kitchen Improvement – changing the layout (knocking down walls), electrics (bringing up to code), incorporating new appliances, cabinetry, counters, lighting and flooring.

I completed a kitchen project at Blacktail Lodge where I did not change the layout. It was just an update. The kitchen was 15 years old and needed a refresher.

My current kitchen is 9 years old. Does it need a refresher? I would like to change out my countertops. I would also like to replace my fridge, microwave and sink.

I struggled with the new minimal look and reworking my layout. I have a U-shaped kitchen.

Could I change it to a galley shape?

I do like the looks of a very long island – 12 feet plus!!!

The minimal look requires hiding small appliances and lifting cabinetry off the floor. Having one long island would remove a lot of counter and storage.

Here’s a digital drawing of my current kitchen:

I couldn’t make a galley kitchen out of my existing footprint therefore my new design is just an update. Here is my new Modern Kitchen Concept:

Note the additional windows. The main floor in my home is incredibly dark. Glenn and I often talk about putting windows above the kitchen cabinetry on the South wall. I have added those along with reframing my kitchen sink window to black.

Tiles in the kitchen are a preference for me but a whole floor in continuous hardwood makes for a great room, even greater. Cleaning hardwood really should only be done with a damp mop. This makes sense for the lounge area. But the kitchen is a heavy traffic area and likely to sustain water damage. Changing out the wood floor to tiles would be necessary anyway because cabinetry footprints are always different. One final note about the flooring – changing it allowed me to pursue a different colour scheme. One that was Modern and true to the direction I wanted to go.

I was able to incorporate the elements that stood out for me in the inspiration kitchens:

  • Hanging cabinets

  • Tall boy cabinets

  • Laminate backsplash

I created a video that walks you through the space: Mod Kitchen Walk Thru

Of course I sourced new kitchen lighting. It is a completely different kitchen!!!

Here’s a close fixture to my design over the Island:

I am more of a Decorator and really havent invested a lot of my attention to kitchen design. Although I have spied a few kitchen suppliers that are offering this style of cabinetry I was ignorant of this major German manufacturer - Leicht. This particular style was the most influential of my Kitchen Design:

I spent a lot of time on the Leicht website... I observed the drawers didn’t have a face plate on them. This only works when the inside material is showcase worthy!

This shelving mixed in with drawers really inspired me...

In my design I placed open shelves in my Island. I figured we could stack our plates/bowls on the shelves, reducing the foot steps from the dishwasher carrying weight to the high cupboard where those items currently reside.

If you are looking to completely transform and elevate your kitchen, reach out today and lets discuss where my designs could help.


Sources: #plbinteriors

PLB Interiors: Modern Kitchen Design

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