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We used the wall mounted Scrabble board I installed in the Game Room for a family game recently and it was a treat. I am reviewing it in a post because I think it deserves a special mention. I would even say that the wall mounted Scrabble Board is preferrable to the table top version.

Here’s why!

Everyone has a prime view of the available letters.

No more rotating the board.

The letter tiles are big.

Great for those aging eyes!

The magnetic board holds up the tiles securely.

We observed we didn’t have to spend time readjusting tiles when someone added to the board.

The whiteboard for scorekeeping is a great feature.

Scores climb with each turn and it was nice to have a figuring space to add double digits.

More on the whiteboard, it was a good to observe if math calculations were correct and allowed our children to get some math practise in.

There is a big price jump between the table top version and the wall mounted board. But we are using it as décor so it doubles in value.

If you like the game and have some wall space to hang it I highly recommend this over the table top version.

More on the basketball hoop backboard coming soon.

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