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Lighting for your home

I have just purchased all new lighting that will transition my décor style from Traditional to Modern also known as Transitional Style.

These lights aren’t perfect but I simply haven’t found wall sconces that fit my style while not requiring wall installation.

Then there are lots of wall mounted lamps that will plug into the wall but they are grossly large. Some are 4 feet in span. I have a large great room but that is still too big and it will look like an ostrich in a big room.

I have to say this:

I am ahead of the curve and what I want isn’t available yet. It happens to me all time.

I have had to make do and ordered new floor and table lamps. They aren’t expensive although I may turn 50 (I am 46 years old) waiting for them to come in. While orders with this supplier normally takes forever, with COVID even longer!

These are three of the lights I have ordered from Structube. They are likely the most inexpensive lighting I have ever purchased. They are short term pieces that I won’t have any hard feelings upgrading/letting go in a couple years.

Lighting is one of my favourite aspects in home décor. I love considering aesthetics and efficiency and lighting is often the first item I source for style direction when doing a project.

LED lighting has truly made lighting efficient, inexpensive and brighter. I am a big fan of LED.

I like to shop with Robinsons lighting but have sourced with other retailers. Online shopping allows for designers to broaden their reach but I miss going into the showroom and seeing the materials, experiencing the spectacle and magic.

Covid has taken away a lot of the visual and tactile joy of my job. I like to source in person, to physically sit in furniture and understand loft, comfort and texture. I like to experience the expanse of a light fixture, appreciate how the shade casts fantastic shadows or diffuses it.

In fact, I could carry on at length about how a Designer experiences the products we source for a project but it would start to read as poetry.

The summer light is fantastic for reading, entertaining and experiencing sunshine joy. If you want great light no matter the season, hire me for selecting the poetic pieces.

Image Sources: Structube

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