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Let the crafting begin

I saw Jennifer Garner on IGTV doing a cute video of her baking honey bread and it was titled Pretend Cooking Show. So cute!

And on that cute thought I am sharing some of the crafting I have been doing…on my blog!

I created a little scene of a gnome and his home out of felt and bits from my stash. See my Instagram post! I kept thinking about that cute little gnome – Hans.

I had to make more gnomes. I did pick up some fabric to add variety to the hats – a red and black buffalo check. Cost me $1.65 from Michaels.

I prepared all the bits to "assembly line" construct them on the weekend. The weekend comes and I had some time before family time in the afternoon so I tucked into the task. But dang I really badly burned my finger tips with the hot glue gun! It was awful! I had to hold onto rotating cold packs for six hours. Here it is days later and I still have the blisters on two fingers and three other fingers are still smarting.

Put a damper on our afternoon of decorating and cheese fondue. We did it but I was short tempered and bossy.

I finally returned to the construction days later but I was very careful and my fingertips were ready to flare up with a little bit of heat!

Anyway, meet the eleven gnomes!

When I was attaching them to the canvas circles, names starting popping up. Grog is a play on my brothers name. I always tried to irritate him with Grog but he never reacted so it wasn’t much fun.

Stube is such a cute name. I watched a movie “Stuber” so it’s a reference to that and also stube is connected to the fondue restaurant in Sun Peaks.

I love O names… Hence Oonah! Olaf and Oleg. Love, love, love O.

And finally, the name Frunc, came to me first which is odd that I am speaking about him at the end. I wanted to spell it with the c not k. I think I am going to be saying Frunc all Christmas long.

Frunc you later! Har.

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