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Kitchen Lighting Second Step

Maybe what I love about lighting is that it is all about the details. Illuminating a space allows the eye to take in details. But then the fixture itself is a bunch of details - which way the light is directed, what colour is the light, how is the light diffused... I could go on.

We used to reference light output with incandescent bulbs.

5 bulbs at 25 watts = 125 watts of light.

A soft light (table lamp) was 40 watt.

A bright light (task light) was 100 watt.

LED is the way forward. But what to do when changing a fixture? There are still light fixtures where you can change out the bulb and increase the output what about when the fixture has an integral bulb?

What about when the fixture is task lighting?

Measuring light was originally indexed by candela but in 2019 lumens was officially recognized. Here’s a handy chart:

I have compared and measured the sufficient lumen required for the two fixtures. Remember in my last post I mentioned that I have found a new lighting supplier – Maple Ridge Lighting.

I am excited to present the Materials List for the Kitchen Lighting they will be providing:

Both lights will run the same colour – 3000

A Great Room has a lounge side and a kitchen side. I want my Great Room to feel harmonious but be visually different, so you know what to do in each space.

Relax in the lounge side vs. work in the kitchen side

Gold is the continuity colour

Gold and white in the lounge side vs. gold and black in the kitchen side

Both spaces have fixtures that have similar round forms

Here’s a digital drawing of the kitchen with fixtures closely resembling the Materials List:

I love the two new fixtures. They will define the space as different but cohesive with the Great Room concept.

I want to mention one important safety and insurance regulation… Be careful purchasing lights from online suppliers. Products such as lighting must comply with Canada’s certification and have this seal.

Electricians look for this seal and wont install your products if it doesn’t have it. Purchase your electrical supplies from a Canadian Dealer. You will be saving your valued home the risk of shock or even fire and also following your house insurance regulations.

Now that the Research is complete. Time to present to the client and begin the Procurement process.

Sources: #plbinteriors

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