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Kitchen Lighting Fourth Step

Revealing a project is so much fun. There is always so much time and effort that goes into even a small project such as this.

It started back last year when I made the decision to upgrade the kitchen lighting. Putting the task on a goal board and then working through the tasks to make it happen requires diligence.

It is a proud moment to have the project wrap up but also add to my repertoire.

That is where we are today.

Here’s the before of the kitchen:

Here’s after:

This is a view near the kitchen table. The circles and glass orbs are beautiful. Look at the harmony of the circles in the chandelier and on the clock.

This is the close up view of the fixture over the Island. It is so sleek.

And finally one last pic of the two fixtures - showcasing the gold metal accents.

While I was working on this series, " kitchen lighting" I started designing a new modern kitchen.

When the design was almost complete, I showed my digital version of a new modern kitchen to my husband. Glenn surprised me! We were sitting at the Island - he looked up at our kitchen lighting and commented that they were looking dated. Like he just realized that our kitchen could do with change.

Now, I like that he became aware and was onboard with my charging train… but… the new kitchen lighting was already on order.

It was only after I had presented to him an entirely new concept kitchen that he evaluated our current kitchen. Most people aren’t looking at their space and seeing how it can be improved.

I can start small and change out your light fixtures.

I can do large projects and update your whole house.

I have done it. We can start with me walking you through a digital drawing and it can become a reality with me as the project manager. Email me.

Oh, want to see that new modern kitchen concept? It's coming up.


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