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Just because its your favourite colour

My daughter Oonah, asks me quite regularly what my favourite colour is. It is yellow. It has been yellow for ever!

Oonah is 10 and will go through the rainbow of colours until she gets older. When she was a toddler, she liked green. She liked all greens. Sippy cup green, craft apron green, green shirts and pants. Most often the greens she was drawn to were harsh and went against my desires to have everything hushed and soft for my precious baby.

Oonah abruptly challenged my stereotypes very early on. One occasion, when she was a baby, she grabbed a dinosaur toy, and not the soft and smooth shaped plush dinosaurs but a sharp edged icky puke green & black dinosaur.

Oh, the horror!

Oh, the conflict of stereotyping!

But she was drawn to that colour and didn’t mind the sharp and hard texture.

She went on to blue of course, during the Frozen years. Now she likes purple.

I think we settle in to one colour at a certain age of maturity because it represents something meaningful – a memory, a place, a feeling!

I think you can have a favourite colour but it may not be the prominent colour in your home or wardrobe.

Back to yellow.

I do have some yellow clothing items. Like this bright!

Yellow (gold) jewellery. I love GOLD!!

Yellow (beige) furniture.

Knowing which colour you are drawn to is good. We can use your favourite colour as a starting point. Making it the foundation colour or use it as the accent which can make just as strong influence.

The Colour Consultations I provide aren’t just for selecting new wall colour. They work with creating a scheme that transfers to the floors and staircases, furniture, lighting and drapery.

Maybe you’re thinking of changing the carpets or installing new tile. Maybe you want a new dining room light fixture. Having me as your decorator guide you through the selection process is a smart move.

Booking a Colour Consultation is super easy:

  1. Email me with the area you want to focus on, like your main floor or home office.

  2. A date is confirmed along with payment.

  3. I bring my paint deck and a paint schedule (document for selected colours) and get to work.

Consultations are 1.5 hours and can also provide more interior design direction if time allows.

PLB Interiors is based in Coquitlam but I provide interior design and decorating services to all Metro Vancouver. Book your consultation today.

See the yellow in my earrings...

Sources: Benjamin Moore Paint Colours

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