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Its been a long wait...

This project has been delay after delay. Such a small space to have so many glitches with two things still not complete but I had to follow through with a presentation.

I found the frames for the artwork. The request to complete my idea caused a fight. I should have just rummaged through the kids plentiful sketches and put it in a frame but no, I had to confine them to my vision. Well, my kids are too stubborn and want to execute their own visions! So the actual placement of art will happen before the end of the year...

The floor lamp is a disater. In fact the lighting from Structube in this room is a gong show! Impossible to find the 4 watt bulbs that are the old style bulb shape. I was talking on the phone while inserting a bulb and causing sparks with the wrong bulbs. Course it takes me two bulbs to spark/ruin before I realize I am causing the problem. I focus on the call and later learn that my multitasking cost me $15. Sigh.

I finally found the correct bulbs. Bingo! Two table lamps down just the floor lamp. But no, the floor lamp is not stable. I attack it again a couple days later, trying to get the thing to be rock solid only to strip down to the copper wire. Futz!

Remove floor lamp.

Stage room.

Take pictures.

This is the view as soon as you walk into the room. That stuffy on the gamer chair is Gnasher and from Glenn's game DAUNTLESS. Wyatt is in love with Gnasher. Look at that dark wall behind the wall Scrabble Board. Sharp! The puzzle is underway.

This next view is Oonahs little space. I have Minty placed appropriately on the chaise. Those window coverings are a perfect match colour wise!

Remember that light fixture I still had to replace. That is the work of a Project Manager. Finishing to the last detail.

Close up of the Science area. The crate has all her supplies - slides, note paper, droppers etc. And Oonah's coaster.

As requested, a fridge. Water and 7 Up.

Adam Levine on the screen! See that low reflection! Dark wall behind!!! The basketball hoop that fits on the door. Such a big hit!!!

This close up features the two lamps that are pretty cool. The skull that Wyatt doesnt like and he will put away when he goes to the room next! Dictionaries and Thesaurus for games. Can you see the little yellow timer. Great for Pictionary and the chalkboard! We played a family game already!!

Wyatt's recovered floor cushion in TMNT. He's taken it to his bed. Loves it! Oh, I should mention that fun mint bench. Its a bold choice but connects the space. It would have been so safe to do a grey bench but the colour adds fun and its a playful space!! Wyatt's custom coaster.

Like I said, I still have to reconcile a few bits along with reviewing the project: designing, procuring and installing. Its helpful to know the time required to complete a small scale job.

I will do a walk through video shortly.

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