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Its a GO!

I have the go ahead from all clients on project - Teen Hang Out room.

Here's an abridged version of the material list. I had to make changes to the list as unbelievably as some of my selections are already no longer available. Sourced only three days ago and now all sold out!

Such is the experience of pre shopping. Have to do some further design work to fill a wall space that would have been otherwise filled.

I am juggling ideas with doing some paint work as a feature. I want some texture and hip vibes but has to go with the other pieces. My design hours were completed but like I said upon Procurement changes were made to the material list.

You can see I had planned a large clock on the wall with the bench. It is the wall you see upon entering but it is not ideal for making it a feature wall. That wall has two windows and the roller blinds are staying.

This is also another reason why it is better to have the Designer procure the products. Not only am I double checking measurements and details like colours I am having to make decisions to let that source go and find another supplier.

I am flexible though because sometimes a change order requires new thinking and the results are even better than previously planned.

The kids are super excited. The products will take approximately 6 weeks. More than enough time for me to organize and remove the stuff in there. Along with cleaning, preparations for painting and taking care of the electrical work.

I will have to do some crafting that will elevate this project from looking sterile to personal.

Replacing furniture and painting does not make a space feel welcoming. It just makes it fresh.

The addition of personal flair for each child will make them feel special and guarantee their enjoyment of the space.

I track my hours with every project and will share at some point that seems appropriate. It will be a great opportunity to see how much is involved with just a small room.

Be back shortly...

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