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Is it work when you get to be around beautiful stuff?

Hiring an Interior Decorator & Designer could be intimidating if you didn’t understand the service.

It seems like a no brainer! A designer furnishes a house. They select tiles, match fabrics and fluff pillows.

Yes, that is a big part of the job.

But then why are there so many design shows providing advice?

Because developing a plan in advance, keeping to the goal and completing it, is a long and arduous task. I provide Three Stages of Service that follows that statement!

Project Management

Design is where I create a vision of how a space can be transformed. I consider aesthetics and function. I want it to look beautiful and perform well.

Procurement is where I order and meticulously follow details. I map out schedules and logistics, hire trades and track progress.

Project Management is where I oversee the implementation of an idea and a bunch of money. It’s the one area you really want someone keeping focus on the goal and tracking the money!!

I have another post coming up on Project Management. Watch for it in September 2020.

Hiring a Professional Interior Decorator & Designer is much like working with any other Trade.

If you own a residential property you have experience with a Trades Person, such as a Home Inspector, Plumber or an Electrician.

The Trades People I partner with are kind, reliable and complete their work thoroughly and professionally. These trades offer a service where they come to your home and attend to the task you want completed.

Let’s consider the services of a Plumber. There are so many to choose from! Installing a hot water tank, fixing a leaky faucet, installing a new dishwasher.

The hot water tank service is a good example because plumbers will usually supply hot water tanks and can remove your old one and re-install the new one… re and re!

PLB Interiors provides a similar service – they can remove your old furniture, supply new furniture and install it!

Here’s how I relate - A plumber will come out to the site and assess the situation just like I do in my Consultation Service.

Then they begin their three stage process:

They find the right hot water tank, price it out along with the installation labour and materials and all the other costs associated with operating their business and run it by you just like I do with my Design Stage.

Then they Procure the tank! They order the right model hot water tank, ensure they have the parts to install, set up an appointment to deliver & install etc. etc.

Then there is install day where there is someone to onsite to Manage the Project and make sure it goes smoothly. Hopefully.

This should provide a relatable understanding of what an Interior Decorator & Designer does. If you have a new construction project and want my Designer Guidance on transforming it to a decadent dream home, set up a Consultation today.

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