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Introducing 3 finishes

Designing this kitchen was a lot of fun and developed my skills with “mapping”. I spent more time refining textures and removing blemishes. I love the trend towards a laminate backsplash.

A surface that is one large piece is so dramatic. Much less work to install and depending on the material less expensive too. Here's the main kitchen wall:

I played with three different finishes for the cabinets. A decade ago there was a trend where the Island was a different colour from the rest of the cabinetry. Now I am seeing mixed colours on the same bank of cabinets.

I also applied that trend in my design on the main kitchen wall and the island. It is striking element.

This next pic steps back and you can see the Island. Digital drawings are meant to convey the colours and style. They approximate layouts, lighting elements and appliances. Finding exact replicas or reproducing products is time consuming and often doesn’t present well anyway.

One company has figured this out - Modloft. I can source products online through their website and find that product on 3D Warehouse. They must have hired a graphic designer to create their products. It is such a smart move because it allows designers to deliver a true representation.

This next pic is the eating area or what I refer to in my home as the breakfast table. I did source the painting from Urban Barn but the furniture is Modloft.

I also built out bank seating as influenced by Leicht. How clever to make a 4 inch ledge at the seat back to display décor. Here's my inspiration.

This last pic is the view as you enter the kitchen space. I love the floor to ceiling windows. I created a display shelf on the Island. Alternatively, it could be wine storage, cookbook bookcase or a electronic hub desk area.

My fourth post for this series will be the moodboard for this Kitchen. Stay tuned.

As always, if you like my design style and would like my help with your kitchen please connect with me!


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