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I gotta tell you how much I love the Structube lighting I brought in for my Great Room. The process dealing with Structube looks like this:

Shop online – ooh and ahhh that looks lovely
Order, pay and wait - and I mean wait…
Whether you pick up in store or deliver direct to your home, its coming from Montreal!
Email finally comes...“delivery is on its way” but still you gotta wait! Because it takes, like two weeks to make it to the store or your home…
Then you pick up – small boxes. Yikes assembly!
Unpacking and assembly – pretty easy!

I really like the cleverness of these lights. They put together easily and feel well made. The glass feels durable. The bases are heavy and will definitely stand up to my kids tearing around the Great Room.

I love the foot switches on the two floor lamps. It is really satisfying to stomp a light on. Wyatt went over immediately and proudly showed me how he stomped the light on…

Like this is how you turn on the light, with force!

We karate chop our wall switches too and my husband has to replace switches regularly. We have no finesse.

I selected LED lighting and of course these lamps require very small wattage bulbs of which I did not have on hand. Three of the four lamps I purchased required 4 watts while the third light required 12 watts.

4 watts is very low however the lights emitted the same brightness my previous lamps put out and I had LED bulbs in them. I don’t know how that works but my room is brighter.

Here's the lighting in action... well actually none of them are actually turned on! I am using the ceiling lights. LOL!

If you have a lighting project, I would love to help! Email me PAMELA

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