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Infuse a space with colour

Bringing colour into the workspace can be done in so many ways. Painted walls, art work and even desk accessories are the usual ideas. What about furniture colour?

I think selecting colourful furniture is the most practical and best long term investment.

Practical because you need a desk, chair and lighting!

These are the items everyone starts with when setting up an office, even if you are setting it up in a small tucked away unused part of the home.

Long term because when you're ready to occupy a larger space you can take your desk, chair and light to the next space!

If you had painted the walls... well all that cost and time stays put!

Here's an inspiration proposal I did for a client. This first image shows the wall panels that would inject colour into the space. Of course the colours are specific to the company and would create brand awareness or spirit.

Here's where investing in colour in the three key pieces come into play:

Colour is important to this client as they are a creative lot! However, I snuck one inspiration sample with black, grey and a light coloured wood. Having a space grounded in a neutral scheme would be great for those formal "contract" or "serious" meetings.

This next image features one of my favourite areas to design - lighting. Now these examples are fixed lighting but they communicate the colour. Floor and desk lamps are available in these amazing colours too!

And finally what office space doesn't need an area rug and a reception?! The hanging partitions are so clever!

I am in love with these colours and the entire project! Reach out to me with your commercial project and let's get started with bringing colour into your work space!


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