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If the walls could tell a story...

I have been meaning to take some pictures of the space. It is hard to show the space well. Especially when it is empty.

Here is a pic of the room as you walk in and look left. This is a little nook with windows that over look the foyer. I had the builder put in glass. My husband required some convincing…

This room was his initially his office and he wanted to lean out the openings and bellow down to me in my office just off the foyer. I was like, that is great for all of two seconds the first time you do it and then never do it again. Then when the kids are playing alone upstairs and push a chair over to look out and then fall through the openings.

So the openings have glass!

He moved out of the room pretty quickly. The sound from the kids playing on the main floor bounced and echoed its way up the foyer and into his office. He moved to a room in the basement.

That’s when the room was changed into a playroom.

I have to tell you my instincts on the crazy antics my future kids would do was spot on. In that same nook is a an opening to the attic.

Well that blasted Dora was such an inspiration to my little Oonah. She lived in a world where she was Dora and Wyatt was her monkey, Boots. She had the backpack and they would adventure in the house. Now, I do have a large house so she really was in her element.

One day when they were little – Oonah about 5 and Wyatt, 3 were playing up in the playroom. I could hear them making a lot of noise. Until it was quiet for some time. Then a heavy thud. I called up but they never answer. No one cried. So I left well alone.

After about ten minutes I went up to check on them and discovered they were fully into the attic with backpacks and flashlights walking along precarious beams and surrounded by insulation.

They were into an attic that was sealed off with a board that measures 2 feet by almost 4 feet and four large screws that were 4 inches long.

Oonah said “Wyatt unscrewed it”.

That was that loud “thud” I heard. They had moved that large board to the side to gain access and were delightfully having an adventure.

Thankfully they didn’t go through the ceiling and seriously hurt themselves or roll/fall in the insulation.

My Oonah still loves a backpack and carries an essential survival kit while playing outside on her scooter, bike or to the park.

Anyway, the walls are a yellow parchment type colour. The roller blinds are a chocolate brown. The new colour will be a blue tone.

Here's a video of me taking you through the space and where items will be placed:

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