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If I am posting just a picture, maybe it should go to Instagram

How does the saying go, a picture is worth a thousand words?

Maybe a thousand sighs.

One more thing…

This came in a heavy rectangle box and was delivered next to my garage door.

It had to go up a flight of stairs.

Glenn’s shoulder is bothering him.

He suggested I open the box and bring it up piece by piece.

I think that is offensive. Its not enough I will build the piece myself, I have to huff it up as well?!!

I waited a couple days till he had free time and for his idea to not manifest.

In the end, we did have to break open the box and take it up piece by piece. It was incredibly heavy and I couldnt carry my end.

I did a quick read through of the 30 page assembly instruction – says two people make the project easier.

Good thing I took Shop in school.


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