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I want my design to be future forward and an excellent investment.

The Sauna Project is moving along. The demolition of the nook required some communication with the Sauna installers.

  • How far outside the nook needed to be exposed or taken down to the studs.

  • How much the electricians were required to prepare and locations for connections.

Here’s a pic of the demolished nook almost up to the requirements. We still had to remove more drywall and the window sill.

You can see the tiles in boxes on the floor. They are 2 ft. x 2 ft. Each box weighs 50lbs and has only four tiles.

I think each Sauna Project has this back-and-forth dialogue because the heater will be different for every sauna and it will be a built differently too.

During this process I had to make revisions to the design. This is part of the project management that requires someone to be available to make decisions.

I wasn’t happy with the light penetrating down from the ceiling. I wanted a calm and relaxing vibe. Lighting down low along the foot path was a better solution. I changed it to under the bench and opted for led strip lighting.

The trend with black continues to be strong. I really wanted to incorporate a black wood in the sauna but the installers advised against it.

Another area that I really wanted to push the design was with a stunning heater. The installers recommended a trusty heater from Homecraft. Their experience was that this heater would last and perform the best. Parts are available locally if something goes awry. I really like pretty but couldn’t deny the benefits and acquiesced.

Balancing design with function and professional recommendation is a smart decision.

Here’s the space with the vapour barrier up and the tiles installed (although its hard to make it out).

The wood cladding is up and the benches are installed but not ready for pictures… I want to fill in an area under the top bench. I want to elongate the bench so it feels/reads supported.

I am waiting for the electrician to come hook up the heater, install the thermostat and lighting.

The glazier needs to come and measure, manufacture and install the "fourth wall".

The sauna installers will return and complete the bench, walk me through the operation of working the sauna.

If all goes smoothly, the Sauna will be ready by December 2021.

Stay tuned.


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