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I really love lighting

It is one of my favourite components of design to specify. I was searching through Maple Ridge Lighting for bathroom wall fixtures and came across a selection of bathroom vanities.

I was enamoured with them. I love the blue and I am specifying gold finishes these days. Yellow and blue are complementary colours.

I really like the owner of Maple Ridge Lighting, Patti. She is friendly and provides me with a fantastic trade discount.

If you are updating your lighting, please connect with me about my

Shopping with a Designer service.

In some situations, a consultation isn’t necessary. If you have images of the space you want to remove and re-install new fixtures, we can meet at Maple Ridge Lighting and I can collaborate with you.

My rate is $395 per hour.

In some cases the trade discount more than covers my service fee. That is a win-win!


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