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I love luxury, but not when it limits you down the road.

I was brought in to help with a project that was somewhat underway. The clients had worked with a cabinet supplier to design their new kitchen but they wanted an Interior Designer to help select fixtures.

Countertop, backsplash & flooring, to start.

I look to the elements already in place to provide client preferences and colour direction. In this case, the fireplace was striking in its colour and location. Here’s an image sample of their Charcoal Fireplace:

Next, I like to find a paint colour that matches the intensity of the fireplace and use it as my guide. Here’s what we determined:

Then I look at the colour in a paint deck. Seeing the colour next to others, helps me to identify if we should lean towards cool or warm, pull out blue or red tones.

I also used this base colour as a gauge if we should lighten the intensity or match it.

If I am placing another object near that dark charcoal fireplace, I won’t match the intensity because then the colour weight will fight and the eye won’t know where to look first.

Going lighter will give hierarchy and create flow.

But in this case, the kitchen is on the other side of the room, matching the intensity will create balance.

I offered the clients two options.

One is a close match to the weight of the fireplace and a second option that I think is the elevated designer choice.

I also introduced the client to Formica as a backsplash. Imagine – one day install and substantial savings!!

The idea that we have to install tile or quartz as a backsplash is outdated. There are so many options these days. Explore the alternatives. Spending a fortune on granite or quartz countertops isn’t the future.

If you would like Design Direction on selecting your fixtures, reach out to me! I would love to help you.




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