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How long does it take to drill 4 holes?

Step 3


Rim - I picked up the last rim at Canadian Tire.

Marine Board - It turns out Marine Board wasn’t gonna happen. Here’s why, when I actually was in front of a Marine Board it was not as shown online. It was a dark musty brown wood – treated with chemicals. It felt damp to the touch. I have painted a few surfaces in my 47 years and my spidey sense told me that I would be painting for another year trying to affect a white surface on that dark piece of wood. So on to a quality 4 x 8 sheet of plywood. Had it cut down to my specifications at the shop.

Construction Supplies: Paint, painting supplies, mounting hardware and shop for assembly all provided by Barnes Grange.

Project Management:

Trades - Pamela

Here’s how it went down…

Layering paint

Taped out:

I did a solid job sealing the wood – evident when I applied my accent black paint. With a project like this, everything is multiple effort. Sigh.

Here it is ready for the rim installation. Noice!

I thought I would take a short video while I attached the rim to the backboard… lol.

Back to Procurement...

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