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Home office vs Work office

There are many businesses still operating out of large office buildings. The need for Interior Decorators to design colour schemes at the work office is greater than ever.


Most distinguished employees have a home office that is superior to that of their work office.

Why would someone commute and spend time in an office that offers less comfort?

Here’s another reason why you should hire PLB Interiors to decorate your office:

  • Consider the cost of an employee lingering over colour choices when they could be doing the work they were hired for.

  • Consider the cost of repainting.

  • Painting office walls in colours that suit the occupant and fit with the business brand is challenging. Does your work office represent your brand?

I offer colour scheme packages that transform offices into better working environments. I can go further and design the entire space too!

Why a whole colour scheme when its just picking out wall paint?

Because one colour isn’t enough and wall colours are just part of the scheme. Floors and furniture influence a colour scheme and should be taken into account.

I recently completed a work office update. The client previously chose a green but it was the wrong green. Too intense for a small working office. That bright green is suited for a high traffic transition area or playful space. Maybe even a different age group.

This project required more than just paint. It needed furniture and décor to make the space feel warm and inviting.

Here's what the office looked like:

I opted for a scheme that spoke to the occupant – organic and calming. My green is toned down and easier on the eyes. The space is small and the screen sits against the wall so the background colour should be darker making less contrast for the eyes. The darker colour will also make the space feel larger.

This is the mood board for the space:

Reach out to me and I can tailor colour scheme packages that will transform your working environment.


PLB Interiors Digital Drawing

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