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Hiring a Interior Decorator

You can buy a sofa, pick colours for your wall and move furniture around, right? Sure you can!

But does your space look and work best for you?

I know you can visit a store, meet with a Design Consultant but they can only offer what they sell. They are not paid by you to put a home together. Your home.

I have said in a previous post that retailers mix up a whole bunch of styles and make it look fabulous on the show room floor but unless you do a complete sweep and take everything home, your one item will stick out in an eclectic way.

Eclectic is a style but its not very popular. Allow me to be a brat, but in my opinion

“Eclectic is a mix match grouping of stuff. Some of which was found on the street, inherited from an old aunt, had since college and brought from your side of the relationship”. Bleck!

I don’t like it and want you to get rid of it! Don’t take your old stuff to the cottage/ recreation property. Get rid of it. But that is another post in September!

I like one style! Modern. Traditional. Country. Transitional. I like one style for a couple reasons:

  1. I like new stuff. It is clean. Clean is good.

  2. Fastest way to one style is buy all new!

One style looks organized and complete. Walk around a furnished show home and all of it goes together. It is harmonious. It is beautiful and you will ask yourself "why am I living any other way, than this?!".

It looks amazing because it was put together by an Interior Decorator! Like me, your local Coquitlam Interior Decorator & Designer.

I am trained to put together a harmonious space. I consider aesthetics, function and flow.

That relates to who I work with, the products I place and the process to complete.

My recommendations are a service that come from my working relationships. I foster the partnerships, make agreements and hold contractors accountable to a superior level.

My design direction is my service. I design what a space can be. I source the products, determine layouts, understand the workings of how items will be used and I maintain that focus to completion.

My organization, planning, placing orders, following up, coordinating logistics, supervising deliveries, supervising installations, placing/hanging/fluffing and staging is my service.

These are the services I provide. It is a stressful job. It is a fun job.

It is my joy to beautify spaces.

I have used several different merchants to provide window coverings. I have done drapery, roller blinds and venetian blinds to name a few. Those merchants know their products and can advise what they have experience installing but they don’t know interior decorating and design. They will steer you just like they do in a big box retail store.

I understand it is a luxury when you hire me. But we indulge in luxuries all the time and rarely acknowledge it.

When I help someone realize the potential of a space and provide them with an elevated environment then its not luxury only a better way to live.

Kinda like the whip cream on pie. Extra, but better.

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