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Gnome Wreath

Finding gnomes a home...

I am back after that upsetting news.

It is time to return to the season, find moments that transition and lift the heart.

I had a number of crafting ideas that I wanted to pursue this Christmas. I couldn’t get to them but I started and completed one project (christmas crackers) because it was important to our big meal. Many other ideas will be unpacked next year if not replaced with better ones.

I mounted the gnomes onto a painted red grapevine wreath and wanted to show you how I chose to display these little characters.

Who knows what next year will bring? I may actually build out the bodies of these guys and create a vignette. I will say that naming each gnome was fun and elevated the joy of crafting them. And remarkably, each member of my family mentioned they loved the names as they came across the wreath.

My last post of the year will happen on Thursday December 24th and feature my Christmas Crackers.

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