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Glenn wants a new BBQ!

I love getting new everything. So when Glenn suggested upgrading our BBQ, I was all for it!

Let’s get one.

But first I am going to evaluate our current back deck and see if there is room for improvement.

There is a lot to say about our back deck. It looks onto a heavily forested greenbelt. Our yard is a dream in the peak of summer when our trees provide incredible shade allowing us to spend time outside. The trees also provide fantastic visual rejuvenation. We enjoy that deck from late April till late September.

There are some downsides to the forest… mosquitos in the warmer months. And a lot of mildew year-round.

One other major downside…bears. A lot of bears…

We don’t spend a lot of time on the ground level for safety. I am not going to retell the countless stories we have with the bears but I will say that it is safest, a storey up, on our deck. And I hate my tiny deck.

I spoke with a neighbour who was doing some deck work and he broke my dreams of having a bigger deck. I haven’t confirmed his situation will be mine, but we share the same house plan and he has a considerably larger yard than mine but the “building envelope” or something like that prevents us from extending our deck into the yard. Along the house is no problem but not out. Sigh.

What?! How did we get from purchasing just a BBQ to discussing the deck? Well, it’s how I think. Because maybe I want an outdoor kitchen rather than just a dinky little BBQ.

The size of any BBQ on this tiny little deck is an issue. An average BBQ is 48 inches wide by 24 inches deep. We should have enough space to accommodate the average BBQ. The reality is when its' cooking, the glass railings and the smaller space trap the heat in and it feels like an oven.

If I could make the deck bigger, we’d have more space to lounge while Glenn cooks. Sigh.

I also bring up the deck because Kuma regularly strains her front paws when she aggressively pounds down the 16 stairs to bork away bears and people walking the trails. If I reconfigure the deck and make a switch back and platform at mid point, Kuma won’t have a runway straight down.

So, that's how I get to blowing up the situation from a new BBQ to designing a new backyard!!

Anyway, back to the BBQ, this is one area I really don’t want to source product. I am going to leave it to dear husband. I will provide the specifications of the deck to Glenn and he can ensure there is sufficient space.

  • BBQ’s require about 2 feet of space all around and 9 + feet clearance above it when they are being used.

  • BBQ’s that roll out to a designated space is ideal and then it can be tucked under an awning for storage.

I know that Glenn needs a surface on either side of the grill. The bigger the better. We have a hanging tool rack for accessibility and minimizing clutter.

Here’s a pic of the deck…

Here's a rough measurement sketch of the deck where I played with the layout:

Here’s my Mood Board

I would love to change out the recessed lighting to these fantastic new lights. The outdoor kitchen counter is definitely an item we could do with. Changing out our current "sofa and two chairs" to this corner sofa would save space. Changing out our coffee table to this fire pit would be lovely! That black planter is so cool and we've already got it!!! I look for tables with rounded edges. It fits with the traditional theme of my home but this table looks sleek and modern and would absolutely fit. Finally, this cute lightweight chair is a must for this small space.

I mocked up what the new furniture would look like on my deck through CadSoft:

If you would like me to transform your back deck, let's start with a CONSULTATION.



PLB Interiors hand sketch and digital drawings



Maple Ridge Lighting

Triple Tree Nursery

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