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Furniture Influences

I took a course on aluminum trim and I am excited on how I can apply that new product. I have appreciated the influence of aluminum trim in tiles and hardwood as part of the design rather than just used as a transition bar. Applying these details is next level design and adds character, texture and personality.

I didn’t use the trim in this design however I have just removed baseboards. I love that look.

There is a spectacular house project completed by Marcroft Homes – ten80. I love how they clad the walls in the hallways and integrated the baseboards for a uniform look. The whole project is a very future forward design.

Playing with baseboards isn’t new but has been on my radar for a couple years. I was at a Home Show more than a year ago where baseboards were inset and installed against the studs and the drywall hung a sleek ½ inch above the baseboard. It created a groove or piping effect around the perimeter.

Here’s the lounge area of the Hawthorne House

I have been heavily influenced by Poliform and Modloft furniture. I played with ceiling heights, wall textures and constructed my own wall unit for the tv (see next image...).

The sectional features one of my favourite designs – incorporating a table in-the-sofa. I love the functionality of this concept.

I had a lot of fun selecting furniture for this space. It is the style I would most love to pursue. It is expensive. Here's an abbreviated Material List for the lounge at Hawthorne House – all items from Modloft.


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